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Photo Copyright - Brian David Crawford


Hunting Island 

Hunting Island is a singer songwriter/neo-jazzadelic-folk project featuring the long-standing Hunting Island rhythm section of:

Uwe Knape - Vocals, Acoustic guitar and composition

Bulli Reinfeld - Bass, Vocals 

Julien Schwarz - Drums, Vocals

with varying lineups featuring a range of instruments

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New tracks from the album 'Heaven'.


Cathy Blue Sweet #2

Christmas Loop

York Trio

The 'York Trio' is my main writing outlet at the moment. A relatively new project, 'York Trio' features long time collaberators: Mathias Ruppnig (Drums) and Tom Berkmann (Double bass).


The project formed in 2017 as the new vehicle for musical exploration during my Masters programme at HfM Weimar. Developed with legendary guitarist Frank Möbus, the band is an exploration into what a guitar trio can do with space and groove. Fusing rockier elements with modern jazz, the 'York Trio' heads in a different direction to other projects. 

Check out the full 10 track album 'Day Trip' HERE on SoundCloud or click play on the player below for a preview.


Photo Copyright - Dennis Landmann

Nightlark is a folk trio combining traditional repertoire from Scandanavia, Ireland, Scotland and the USA with elements of Jazz and improvisation. The group was formed in Berlin in 2016 and has played all over the city including a performance for Berlin's 'Radio Eins'.

The band consists of: Patrizia Sieweck - Fiddle & Vox

                                         Jane South - Flute & Accordion

                                         Robert York - Acoustic Guiar

A short 5 track EP is soon to be available online and as CD. Check out the track below for a sample of our work.

Photo Copyright - Dennis Landmann
Washington Square Park
Eavesdropper Jig Set

Earshot is a four piece modern jazz combo led by Robert York and Arabella Sprot (Tenor Sax). All music is original and features: Mathias Ruppnig on Drums and Tom Berkmann on double bass. 

The project has played every major venue in Berlin and has a loyal following. Earshot recorded their debut album 'Tell No One' in September 2017 and is now available on Spotify (see bottom-left) and as a CD (email for purchases). 

The project draws on many influences including: Brian Blade Fellowship, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Turner, Aaron Parks, Mike Walker and many more. A strong emphasis is placed on melody and a discursive band interaction. 

Photo Copyright - Brian David Crawford
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