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- 9 years of teaching experience.


- Holds a teaching diploma in further education (DTLLS)


- Former lecturer at Bridgwater Further Education College (UK) in: Performance, Improvisation and ensemble studies

- Ran workshops and private lessons for students at Bristol University.


- Provided private instruction to students from UdK  Berlin in Jazz improvisation

- Worked for North Somerset Music Service 

- Former member of LiveMusicNow and SuperAct

- Currently teaching at International Schools in Berlin and offering private consoltations in person or via Skype.



My main aim as a teacher is to enable every student to teach themselves. It is of the upmost importance to me that every student understands not only the subject matter discussed in the lesson but more so they understand the underpinning methods and concepts that allow us to develop that subject material. In this way every student can have a life time of self sufficient study and can enjoy the excitement of developing their craft in a structured and focused manner. 

I believe in hard work and leaving no stone underturned. I encourage every student to open themselves up to the infinate possibilites that our instrument allows, even if they aren't immediately of interest or are at that time not relevant. The journey of exploration is for our entire lives and our ability to document our findings means we can return to them later down the road. At the core of what is teach is strong foundations; a thorough understanding of the fretboard and how it works - Fretboard mapping. This is something that is often skimmed over by many and it is so important to creating mastery of the instrument and enabling fluidity whilst improvising.

Other common topics cover are: Jazz harmony, How to learn tunes, Guitar orchestration (understanding voicings), methods of improvisation,utilizing a jazz musician's approach in pop/rock music, Comping and many more. 

If any of what I have mentioned has struck  a chord or if you find your playing has become stale and you are sick of playing the same pentatonic shapes or if you feel like your harmony knowledge has run it's course, then contact for a lesson and we can start to open what you do. 

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